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Time Together

This year has been trans formative for me health-wise... I'm slowly coming back from a long stint of ill-health. While I may never get back to where I was before all of that, I do feel like this year is really taking a step in the right direction.

So much so we've been on longer walks almost every weekend!

Something I could never have done a few years ago.

Even the dog seems more excited by the change in me.

This is a local haunt for us now, a public footpath that goes through some farmland and by a stream.

Patch loves streams.

This new found need to be outdoors has really changed the way we spend time together, Darrin has even become more interested in growing food... helping me in the garden with the bigger jobs.

What do I attribute this change too?

I'll be honest my diet change and switching to Veganism has been the real driving force. I really believe that my eating choices are much more health because of it, as is my outlook on food and exercise.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe there's always room for a little bit of chocolate and cake... oh yes, definitely cake!