Latest Vlog!

My Garden Journal

How do you keep all of your thoughts and musings on your garden?

Do you vlog, blog, or journal?

I've been doing a bit of each and I find it really helps me make sense of my garden as it grows and as I learn.

Blogging for me is my passion, I always said if I didn't work in fashion I wanted to be a creative writer. After going ahead and working in fashion, I started my own craft business back in mid-2006 and here I started blogging. That blog quickly grew and gave me enormous pleasure to keep up to date. I guess it became the outlet for creative writing.

After selling that business in 2017, I became a craft business coach over at My Indie Life Blog, the foundation of that business is also a blog. So blogging here at Green-fingered Vegan was a natural step.

As was vlogging, which is something I have also done for work... so why not my garden. Here I can get a real sense of what's happening in my garden and I think over time this video bank will help me with future garden plans.

Likewise journalling isn't really new to me. I have always kept a journal or sketch book for each career I have had. I find it helps me design and plan.

Here in my garden, my journal has been really helpful... I know exactly which month to plant what. I also have records of tips I have collected and my expenses so far this season. It's been a great place to keep old seed packets too!

I'm really interested to know how you plan for your garden and how you record each season... feel free to share your methods below :)