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Garden Successes and Failures (April to May 2018)

Bunyard Exhibition Broad Beans by King Seeds
There's no doubt, this year has been slow to start in the garden and it's only now in May we are starting to see the real start of our vegetable garden. I think that's about a month behind where we'd normally be.

In between April and May a lot has changed and so today I thought I'd go through some of the successes and some of the failures of the season so far... because like all gardeners, my garden has me ever learning to perfect my production.

The real successes are my broad beans, peas and spicy lettuce leaves all of which are really starting to get going.

Just look at these beautiful flowers on the Bunyard Exhibition Broad Bean plant!

Mixed Spicy Leaves by King Seeds
Albeit slow to get started, everything looks lush and green at this time of the year... my favourite shades coming from my Mixed Spicy Leaves.

Not everything has worked though, my Spinach is a wash out, every seedling has either burnt in the hot spell we had, or bolted because of the extreme change in just a few days in April. I decided to grow some more lettuce instead this year. I opted for varieties that are rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamin K and B6. I'll let you know how I go with these.

How's your garden growing this month? Share a link to your vlog, blog, or Instagram so I can come find you!