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Vegan 101: A new column for the blog

I have been asked a few times recently to give some new Vegans advice on a range of topics from protein replacements to recipes and so I thought I'd create a new column for the blog.

So welcome to 'Vegan 101'!

Now I want to be serious for a moment before we get into this... I have been Vegan for only 16 months. I am not a nutritional expert, nor am I experienced in cooking a huge range of cuisines, so I'm fully expecting this column to grow as I grow. With this in mind I fully welcome comments to each post as I release them... if you have something worth sharing with the masses let me know and maybe we can collaborate on a future blog post together!

Vegan 101 will include topics like;

  • ingredients and spices
  • recipes
  • ideas for mealtime
  • ideas for meals while travelling
  • what to look out for when shopping
  • plus links to anything I can find that is of importance.
If you have specific ideas you'd like me to cover then please let me know.

One thing I do have to say is that this column will not cover anything about animal related issues, or other 'Vegan' products and services... it's not that I don't have opinions on these things, it's just not the focus of this particular blog.

Sara x