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I'm Back and ready for 2018!

How are you? I'm so excited to back gardening!

I haven't been completely idle since October, instead I have been planning all of the things that I want to grow and making the most of my very small space... I actually measured it which was a great start... Do you know I have been gardening in a rectangle no bigger than 5m, by 50cm! With this in mind I've been looking at ways I can tackle my vegetable gardening vertically.

If you have been following me on instagram you will also remember that I posted back in late December my first seed shop, where I stocked up locally on new varieties.

I want to make sure that I get a balance of food growing, so there will be basics like; tomatoes, beans, peas and lettuce. As well as some of what I tried last year like those Radish - French Breakfast no.3, do you remember?

Then I'm going to be trying new things like beetroot, which I discovered over the winter that I love to roast. Oh and then there's the Lemon Cucumbers that a friend let me try...

What plans do you have for your garden?

Sara x