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Garden Vlog 17th Sept 2017

Summer has been an odd thing this year and although I started my veggie garden late I am in awe of what I have managed to grow so far. There have been radish for every salad sandwich, lettuce leaves to match and I now have my autumn Pak Choi, spring onions and carrots to look forward too.

This has given me lots of ideas to start planning for next year and what's better is that it has given me an experiment to work out what I can achieve with just a little work each day. You are asking what does a 'little bit of work' look like? At the moment I am spending no more than 10 minutes a day watering and tending, with maybe 30 minutes more on a Saturday morning feeding my worms and potting things on. So really very little time indeed!

I'm planning to carve out some more time for gardening next year.

I'm also looking to make some changes too;

  1. Better soil, provided by my worms and maybe a little rock dust (still researching)
  2. Regular feeding with an organic seaweed supplement
  3. More fresh rain water with my second water butt filled over winter, 
  4. Investing in some form of vertical potting system... or maybe making one?? The reason being that I simply have no more room to expand into, so I need to grow upwards to cater for more food growth.
All of these new additions to my garden I hope will make my harvests more bountiful.

More over any of this I have really found a passion for gardening again, something I lost after some bad health a few years ago. I'm so excited by it all again!

Want to look at how my garden is growing?

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