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Latest Vlog!

Garden Vlog 17th Sept 2017

Summer has been an odd thing this year and although I started my veggie garden late I am in awe of what I have managed to grow so far. There have been radish for every salad sandwich, lettuce leaves to match and I now have my autumn Pak Choi, spring onions and carrots to look forward too.

This has given me lots of ideas to start planning for next year and what's better is that it has given me an experiment to work out what I can achieve with just a little work each day. You are asking what does a 'little bit of work' look like? At the moment I am spending no more than 10 minutes a day watering and tending, with maybe 30 minutes more on a Saturday morning feeding my worms and potting things on. So really very little time indeed!

I'm planning to carve out some more time for gardening next year.

I'm also looking to make some changes too;

Better soil, provided by my worms and maybe a little rock dust (still researching)Regular feeding with an organic seaweed supplementMore…

Learning About Soil Nutrients; for better vegetable harvests

Scientific American posted an article that said the main cause of modern day nutrition levels of vegetables being at an all-time low, was due to soil depletion and the varieties of vegetables that we now grow. In other words we have favoured fast growing, pest resistant crops to secure extra and more bountiful harvests year on year. This method of agricultural farming is striping the soil of nutrients and depleting it’s capability to provide for future harvests. Coupled with technological experiments; like GMO (genetically modified) crops and chemical fertilisers that have added potentially harmful aspects to the soil, we are not in great shape to provide nutritious vegetables, or even rear good meat.
Growing organically and growing seasonally is the answer.
So how do I do this at home? Growing your own veg (essentially farming your own crops) is not always that easy. We still have bug problems and soil issues. Most people will tell you though that starting your own vegetable garden in a…

Trying to Sprout Peas; a nutritious super green!

As a vegan I want to start experimenting with as many highly nutritious vegetables as possible and so I've started having a go a micro greens and sprouting peas. Here's my first experiment!

you will also notice on YouTube that I have created a new playlist called 'Growing Experiments'. My aim is to try and record as many of my experiments so that you can have a go too.

Sara x