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The Problem with Buying Vegetables When You Are Vegan

My biggest bug-bear lately has been that my local super market rarely has the fresh vegetables it claims. I spend a lot of time looking through the vegetable trugs trying to find something that will last at least a few days. What’s worse is that I can’t replace that weekly shop down at my local veg shop (although I’d love too from an environmental point of view), because they don’t cover the breadth of vegetables I need to sustain my body with a wide nutritional base. So like many vegans I take a weekly vitamin and mineral supplement.

Here in lies my problem… Taking vitamins and supplements is not a long term answer. Just as returning to meat is not an answer for me. For those of you who think that foolish watch this interview with Jamie Oliver. Jamie tells us that, ‘Mindful Vegan diets are looking good right now’, because general food nutrition is at an all-time low… that’s meat and veg! So we need to start learning how to eat for the long term health of our bodies and addressing that in our food choices.

This is why I am turning to growing my own vegetables, so that I can;
·         Pick and eat fresh – nutrients leave picked vegetables in a matter of days, so to eat healthy you must eat as fresh as possible
·         Better control the vegetables I consume – avoiding GMO and other inorganic options that can lead to the digestion of harmful chemicals
·         Understand more about building a nutritional value to my food – which vegetables will give me the balance my body needs

Now I can’t yet grow everything I need, as with any new project I have a vast array of things to learn and perfect. I also need more space than I currently have and more time that I currently have ( as like most of us I work full time).


I’m making a start.

I’m experimenting and learning what I need to put into place to make this happen.

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Sara x