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My Mini Greenhouses

Hi Guys! How are your gardens growing?

I had a few questions about my mini greenhouses and so I thought I'd share where I got them from and what I think so far, about 3 weeks into use.

I opted for the Vonhaus 4 tier mini greenhouse from Domu, which you can also find on Amazon*.

The product description says;
  • Perfect for raising seeds and seedlings, cultivating plants, protecting against frost, cold and pests and for display
  • Compact 4 tier design - ideal for small gardens, allotments, patios, balconies & decking
  • Four strong wire shelves with 8kg/18lbs max. weight capacity each and weather resistant transparent PVC cover with roll up zip panel door
  • Powder coated steel frame for extra strength and durability. Easy to assemble - no tools required. Size: 158 x 69 x 49cm
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

vonhaus 4 tier mini greenhouse
They arrived very quickly indeed and are super easy to put together.

So far they have been up for about 3 weeks and there are a few things I have noticed;

Firstly they get warm quickly and hold that heat, so you will need to check your plants daily, especially those that need regular watering. You may also wish to open them during the warmer days, so that the plants get lots of clean air flow.

Secondly they are very easy to get into for bugs, so I used some stone chippings at the base of each of mine to hold things like slugs at bay. For those most part this seems to be working on the larger slugs and snails, but the baby ones still get in. The upshot to that is that they tend to do little damage and once you remove them your seedlings and plants get a good chance to recover.

radish seedlingsThirdly they don't have a great dimensional stability. I have two up against the house and one on another side of my yard where it get's more wind. I have had to tie string around the body of that greenhouse to help keep it together with the rocking of the wind. I also reinforced it by putting some of my bigger planters on each side of the greenhouse to keep it from wobbling too much.

Fourthly and finally, the plastic sheeting can tear easily. So my best advice is to make sure that you measure the shelves before you buy planters and make sure not to stretch the sheeting.

All of these things accounted for they are great, budget friendly alternatives to larger glass greenhouses for back yards. They make the most of small spaces and are a great way to start seedlings off.

If I had a bigger garden and space for a glass greenhouse, would I swap? Yes.


Right now these solve a problem for me in my space concrete back yard space.

I hope that helps?

Sara x
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