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Latest Vlog!

Garden Vlog 30th July 2017

Check out just how much my seedlings have grown in 7 days!

I talk about seedlings, spring onions from scraps and my growing plans.

See you next time,
Sara x

Late July Seed HAUL!

My latest seed haul for the vegan garden experiment. Watch the video for more information.

Here it is all potted up -

Sara x

So Let Me Introduce Us and Our Dream

When I started Green-fingered Vegan it was no more than a day dream, a dream to live self-sufficiently in a low impact way.

Like most people I know I have been toying with the 'idea' that there is a better way for some time. Notice I used the word idea in inverted commas here, that's important because at this stage my dream was no more than a Pinterest board, a YouTube subscription, a conversation.

No action.

I guess somehow we were put off, because that way of life doesn't come ready made, like a microwave meal. Lazy and demanding I know, but sub-consciously I wonder just how many other people feel that way?

I teach small business owners over at My Indie Life Blog about how to plan and take action on their dream business, so that they can stop day dreaming and create their real life dream businesses.

I teach them that this takes time and hard work, but that it's ultimately worth it.

It feels about time I hold myself accountable to my personal dreams and so this b…

Why I'm Starting My Vegan Vlog

I'm over on YouTube with my very first episode. I'm hoping that you will enjoy my journey and talk about yours as we go.
I'm hoping to give lots of vegan tips on recipes and gardening organically. So press 'read more' to view the video!

Sara x

I'm A 40 Year Old Vegan

I'm Sara and I'm a 40 year old vegan learning to grow her own food. I live in the UK with my partner Darrin and our dog Patch.
My story is probably not that dissimilar to yours, I work hard during the 9-5 and I don't have a huge disposable income. Up to now I've also relied heavily on businesses to provide the food that I buy.
A combination of health issues and concerns about the planet around me have led me to go vegan. I've been vegan for about 9 months at this point.
To answer your questions;
Do I miss meat? No.
Can my body survive just eating plants? Yes.
Now I'm starting to question my food sources and that's why I'm learning to take a previoussuccessfuldalliance with gardening to a new level and grow my own food. 
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Sara x