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Latest Vlog!

Garden Vlog Oct 7th

I think this is the last of this growing season's vlogs (over on YouTube)... I just simply don't have a lot left to show you!
My red Pak Choi are almost ready to harvest and I am so excited to eat them. Do you have any good recipes using Pak Choi?

I am thinking ahead to the next growing season too and working out all of the things I want to grow and to share with you over on YouTube. So if you haven't subscribed, please do that at

Sara x

Garden Vlog 17th Sept 2017

Summer has been an odd thing this year and although I started my veggie garden late I am in awe of what I have managed to grow so far. There have been radish for every salad sandwich, lettuce leaves to match and I now have my autumn Pak Choi, spring onions and carrots to look forward too.

This has given me lots of ideas to start planning for next year and what's better is that it has given me an experiment to work out what I can achieve with just a little work each day. You are asking what does a 'little bit of work' look like? At the moment I am spending no more than 10 minutes a day watering and tending, with maybe 30 minutes more on a Saturday morning feeding my worms and potting things on. So really very little time indeed!

I'm planning to carve out some more time for gardening next year.

I'm also looking to make some changes too;

Better soil, provided by my worms and maybe a little rock dust (still researching)Regular feeding with an organic seaweed supplementMore…

Learning About Soil Nutrients; for better vegetable harvests

Scientific American posted an article that said the main cause of modern day nutrition levels of vegetables being at an all-time low, was due to soil depletion and the varieties of vegetables that we now grow. In other words we have favoured fast growing, pest resistant crops to secure extra and more bountiful harvests year on year. This method of agricultural farming is striping the soil of nutrients and depleting it’s capability to provide for future harvests. Coupled with technological experiments; like GMO (genetically modified) crops and chemical fertilisers that have added potentially harmful aspects to the soil, we are not in great shape to provide nutritious vegetables, or even rear good meat.
Growing organically and growing seasonally is the answer.
So how do I do this at home? Growing your own veg (essentially farming your own crops) is not always that easy. We still have bug problems and soil issues. Most people will tell you though that starting your own vegetable garden in a…

Trying to Sprout Peas; a nutritious super green!

As a vegan I want to start experimenting with as many highly nutritious vegetables as possible and so I've started having a go a micro greens and sprouting peas. Here's my first experiment!

you will also notice on YouTube that I have created a new playlist called 'Growing Experiments'. My aim is to try and record as many of my experiments so that you can have a go too.

Sara x

Regrowing Spring Onions from Scraps - The Experiment

So I read somewhere that you could regrow certain vegetables from your kitchen scraps and I thought... I wonder if that's really true and if it is, does it affect the taste?
I've been eating Spring Onions almost daily with my lunch and so I thought I'd give this idea a go.

Create my own experiment.

OK so here's what I was told; If you cut the bottom inch off of your Spring Onion and submerge the root end in a tiny amount of water, they re-sprout from the centre. If you keep refreshing the water then your onion will continue to grow until it is ready to harvest.

As I tried the experiment I made a few changes to benefit the plants. Here's my method;
Regrowing Spring Onions from Scraps - The Method Pick organic spring onions with visible roots when shopping. Organic veggies are the most nutritionally beneficial to your body.
Cut 1-2 inches off from the root end.Pop root end into a glass where each Spring Onion will be able to stand up straight over the next few days.Add …

The Problem with Buying Vegetables When You Are Vegan

My biggest bug-bear lately has been that my local super market rarely has the fresh vegetables it claims. I spend a lot of time looking through the vegetable trugs trying to find something that will last at least a few days. What’s worse is that I can’t replace that weekly shop down at my local veg shop (although I’d love too from an environmental point of view), because they don’t cover the breadth of vegetables I need to sustain my body with a wide nutritional base. So like many vegans I take a weekly vitamin and mineral supplement.
Here in lies my problem… Taking vitamins and supplements is not a long term answer. Just as returning to meat is not an answer for me. For those of you who think that foolish watch this interview with Jamie Oliver. Jamie tells us that, ‘Mindful Vegan diets are looking good right now’, because general food nutrition is at an all-time low… that’s meat and veg! So we need to start learning how to eat for the long term health of our bodies and addressing that…

My Mini Greenhouses

Hi Guys! How are your gardens growing?
I had a few questions about my mini greenhouses and so I thought I'd share where I got them from and what I think so far, about 3 weeks into use.
I opted for the Vonhaus 4 tier mini greenhouse from Domu, which you can also find on Amazon*.

The product description says; Perfect for raising seeds and seedlings, cultivating plants, protecting against frost, cold and pests and for displayCompact 4 tier design - ideal for small gardens, allotments, patios, balconies & deckingFour strong wire shelves with 8kg/18lbs max. weight capacity each and weather resistant transparent PVC cover with roll up zip panel doorPowder coated steel frame for extra strength and durability. Easy to assemble - no tools required. Size: 158 x 69 x 49cmManufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included
They arrived very quickly indeed and are super easy to put together.

So far they have been up for about 3 weeks and there are a few things I have noticed;

Firstly they get warm quickl…

My Wormcity Wormery Arrived!

I'm so excited for worms... who knew! Seriously though these guys are going to be my new veggie garden BFFs and help me to create some worm castings for my soil each year.
The wormery is from whose service so far has been fantastic.

Why did I choose to buy a Wormery and do you need one?My veggie plot is a concrete back yard, with no access to the ground soil. I plant in containers, which will require fresh compost for every new crop I plant. I need compost to rejuvenate my pot soil, so that I can grow new rotations for crops for my kitchen with a higher level of nutrition. This is something I don't feel I currently get from shopping in my local supermarket.
My main aim with this garden is to become more eco-friendly and sustainable, whilst on a budget and so recycling my waste and using that to create compost, which will save me money is a win-win.
If I bought a composter to degrade my kitchen food and container garden waste, they'd sit there in a pile proba…

The Reason Why I Grow Spinach Year Around & Mint Chip Nice Cream Recipe!

Spinach is really rich in iron, calcium, vitamins A and D and if grown well it can be harvested all year round. 
I choose an intensive ‘cut and come again’ system and my preferred variety is  Matador by Suffolk Herbs (Organic)*
To grow intensively grab your seed tray and fill with potting compost (organic certified preferably) to about 1 ½ inches from the top. Sprinkle with seeds, not too densely but enough to grow a fairly dense crop once the leaves fill out. Then cover with 1 inch of compost and water liberally.
The seeds will germinate within the first 14 days.
I grow mine in my mini greenhouse to help avid winter chills and spring pests.
I trim of the leaves I wish to use about 4-6 weeks after sowing, making sure the main stem of the plan is intact ready to produce more leaves for the season.
I enjoy my spinach leaves with most of my meals, either as a salad element to sandwiches, or a throw in texture to curries, pasta dishes, or stir-fries.

Spinach is also great in smoothies, juice b…

Garden Vlog 6th August 2017

This week the vlog has taken me a while to get uploaded on YouTube, sorry about that!
But it is here... this is what has been happening in the garden this week.

Sara x

Garden Vlog 30th July 2017

Check out just how much my seedlings have grown in 7 days!

I talk about seedlings, spring onions from scraps and my growing plans.

See you next time,
Sara x

Late July Seed HAUL!

My latest seed haul for the vegan garden experiment. Watch the video for more information.

Here it is all potted up -

Sara x

So Let Me Introduce Us and Our Dream

When I started Green-fingered Vegan it was no more than a day dream, a dream to live self-sufficiently in a low impact way.

Like most people I know I have been toying with the 'idea' that there is a better way for some time. Notice I used the word idea in inverted commas here, that's important because at this stage my dream was no more than a Pinterest board, a YouTube subscription, a conversation.

No action.

I guess somehow we were put off, because that way of life doesn't come ready made, like a microwave meal. Lazy and demanding I know, but sub-consciously I wonder just how many other people feel that way?

I teach small business owners over at My Indie Life Blog about how to plan and take action on their dream business, so that they can stop day dreaming and create their real life dream businesses.

I teach them that this takes time and hard work, but that it's ultimately worth it.

It feels about time I hold myself accountable to my personal dreams and so this b…

Why I'm Starting My Vegan Vlog

I'm over on YouTube with my very first episode. I'm hoping that you will enjoy my journey and talk about yours as we go.
I'm hoping to give lots of vegan tips on recipes and gardening organically. So press 'read more' to view the video!

Sara x

I'm A 40 Year Old Vegan

I'm Sara and I'm a 40 year old vegan learning to grow her own food. I live in the UK with my partner Darrin and our dog Patch.
My story is probably not that dissimilar to yours, I work hard during the 9-5 and I don't have a huge disposable income. Up to now I've also relied heavily on businesses to provide the food that I buy.
A combination of health issues and concerns about the planet around me have led me to go vegan. I've been vegan for about 9 months at this point.
To answer your questions;
Do I miss meat? No.
Can my body survive just eating plants? Yes.
Now I'm starting to question my food sources and that's why I'm learning to take a previoussuccessfuldalliance with gardening to a new level and grow my own food. 
If this is something you are interested in, please hit subscribe above and I'll email you my news, videos and projects as I grow.
Sara x