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Garden Vlog: 13th May 2018

Finally the weather is changing and slowly the garden is coming alive. Today on the show I'm taking you through what's worked, what hasn't and how my small garden is looking.

Garden Vlog: 1st April 2018 (and a country walk)

Hope you enjoy the show!

Garden Vlog: 12th March 2018

Now the snow has gone I'm back sowing more seed for my container garden.

I'm starting by sowing seeds outdoors for the following;
spinachpeasbeetrootradisha few more tomatoes that got hit by the cold snap. I've put these in my mini greenhouse, which I told you about here. I'm hoping that the temperature won't drop too much again and that if it does, the greenhouse will be enough protection.

Here are some pictures from the snow :)

This is the first time Patch has seen snow like this... I don't think she was sure what to make of it at first.

We certainly got plenty of it in the end. Here's what was left of my container garden... in need of weeding for the spring.

As the first day wore on Patch decided she loved the snow, so we made extra long trips out to find the deepest, freshest snow!

There's something quite nice about the light the snow gives off. It seems magical somehow.

Darrin got his much wished for snow day too!

Vegan 101: A new column for the blog

I have been asked a few times recently to give some new Vegans advice on a range of topics from protein replacements to recipes and so I thought I'd create a new column for the blog.

So welcome to 'Vegan 101'!

Now I want to be serious for a moment before we get into this... I have been Vegan for only 16 months. I am not a nutritional expert, nor am I experienced in cooking a huge range of cuisines, so I'm fully expecting this column to grow as I grow. With this in mind I fully welcome comments to each post as I release them... if you have something worth sharing with the masses let me know and maybe we can collaborate on a future blog post together!

Vegan 101 will include topics like;

ingredients and spicesrecipesideas for mealtimeideas for meals while travellingwhat to look out for when shoppingplus links to anything I can find that is of importance. If you have specific ideas you'd like me to cover then please let me know.
One thing I do have to say is that this …

Garden Vlog: 23rd Feb 2018

Today in the vlog I'm showing you what the very start of 2018 looks like. So we have just the first few seeds planted.

I've chosen;

Tigerella salad tomatoesGardener's Delight cherry tomatoesTumbling Tom Yellow cherry tomatoes, which I will be planing in hanging basketsBunyad Exhibition broad beans There's about 3 seeds of each variety planted in each pot (3 pots total), except for the broad beans and I just have 1 seed per pot (3 pots total).
I have labelled each pot and popped them on a sunlight windowsill.
I'll let you know how these grow.

I'm Back and ready for 2018!

How are you? I'm so excited to back gardening!

I haven't been completely idle since October, instead I have been planning all of the things that I want to grow and making the most of my very small space... I actually measured it which was a great start... Do you know I have been gardening in a rectangle no bigger than 5m, by 50cm! With this in mind I've been looking at ways I can tackle my vegetable gardening vertically.

If you have been following me on instagram you will also remember that I posted back in late December my first seed shop, where I stocked up locally on new varieties.

I want to make sure that I get a balance of food growing, so there will be basics like; tomatoes, beans, peas and lettuce. As well as some of what I tried last year like those Radish - French Breakfast no.3, do you remember?

Then I'm going to be trying new things like beetroot, which I discovered over the winter that I love to roast. Oh and then there's the Lemon Cucumbers that a f…

Garden Vlog Oct 7th

I think this is the last of this growing season's vlogs (over on YouTube)... I just simply don't have a lot left to show you!
My red Pak Choi are almost ready to harvest and I am so excited to eat them. Do you have any good recipes using Pak Choi?

I am thinking ahead to the next growing season too and working out all of the things I want to grow and to share with you over on YouTube. So if you haven't subscribed, please do that at

Sara x